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VMSC Party Procedure

Please note that during Covid, no pool parties will be permitted.

The Vineyard Mountain Swim Club party policy is intended to allow members to host small birthday parties and gatherings that would otherwise exceed the allowable guest limits and not impinge on the enjoyment of, or access to, the pool by other members.  Our pool is not large enough to accommodate large groups and there is no life guard on duty.  Sponsoring member is responsible for providing adequate supervision.

If you wish to host a party at the Vineyard Mountain Swim Club, you must adhere to the following procedures:

Note: there are not "private" parties, other members may be present at the time of a scheduled party.

A request must be received by a VMSC Board member at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. Submit your request by email to partyrequest@vmswimclub.com 

    1. Please send request for party date, preferably by email, include date, time, sponsoring member (include key number) and number of persons attending party. Please include “VMSC” in subject line.
    2. The Board reviews all party requests and has the right to either approve or deny all requests.
    3. Parties can be held Monday-Friday before 3pm or from 7-9pm and weekends before noon, or from 7-9pm,  excluding holidays and holiday weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day).  Maximum number of guests is 10 swimmers. Member is responsible for providing adequate supervision. There can be only one party at a time.  Cost will be $5 per guest, $25 minimum payable to VMSC when insurance disclaimer is submitted. No refunds available.
    4. Ten (10) days prior to the event, a sign must be posted on the exterior doors to the changing rooms alerting members of the planned event, its date, and time. Feel free to create your own sign or use our template.
    5. An insurance disclaimer form must be signed and on file with the VMSC at least ten (10) days prior to the event.
    6. A list of all persons attending the event must accompany the disclaimer. Maximum number of guests is 10.
    7. Maximum time limit for a party is two (2) hours.
    8. All VMSC rules and regulations must be obeyed at all times during the party.
    9. Failure to abide by these procedures can result in the cancellation of your party.
Updated: April 13, 2021